Many potential customers reach us upon looking for a marketing campaign that products a high return on investment.

Search engine optimization is by FAR the best possible way for your business to produce a return on investment.

Why Are SEO Services the Best Investment in Marketing?

The answer is simple:

We are connecting your website with an audience that is already proactively looking for a website that answers their question, fills their need to make a purchase, or fills their need to hire someone.

Each and every day, people from across the world sign online on their desktop or mobile device and perform a search at their favorite search engines.  They look for just about everything you an imagine, and they make decisions based on the websites they stumble into.

Is your website well positioned when people perform searches related to your business?

If that answer is “No” we need to do something about that.  Purchases will be made regardless of if your website is well positioned.  There are millions upon millions of sites, and somebody will fill the need of every web searcher, eventually.  Why can’t this be you?

Search engine marketing is different from other types of marketing because your audience is proactively looking for you.

Compare this to a billboard, a television advertisement, or a radio advertisement.

People who find you on these types of media are NOT looking for you.  Rather, they are reactive to your ad.

While it’s quite possible for you to study demographics and place ads in the best places possible for you to achieve a return on your advertising spend, you are simply throwing darts and hoping that you capture people who are interested in what you have to offer.

How We Price Our Search Engine Optimization Service

We tailor every SEO campaign to fit the exact need of your business landscape yet focus on bringing the best possibility of a return on investment to each website we analyze.

Every business is unique and has different goals, desires, and pain points.  While some business sectors contrast, so does the scope of the work we have to perform to obtain the best search engine placements possible for our clients.

Most of the time when we work with businesses from 1-10 employees, we find ourselves easily identifying the competition and devising a game plan that is very detailed and executed quickly.  We often find this the case when we do SEO for law firms, cosmetic surgeons and med spa’s, and other professional service businesses.

When we board larger clients, we’re often finding ourselves monitoring and studying the marketing efforts of hundreds, if not thousands of websites that have products or services that overlap and who routinely appear in the search results competing with our efforts.

For this reason, each SEO campaign is uniquely priced to cover all of the work involved to ensure each client not only achieves great search results, but also earns a high return on investment.  Contact us today to get a free assessment of your online presence and learn more about our SEO services.