SEO Packages Designed To Outperform The Competition

Our monthly SEO packages are created bespoke for each client we work with. Our goal is to help your website become a powerful sales machine, by increasing your search engine rankings. 

Web traffic from search engines is great because it is highly-targeted. By ranking highly, you can be found by those that are actually searching for you product or service – these are considered high-qualified warm leads. Get in touch today to find out how we can help your business.

How Much Does an Expertly Delivered SEO Package Cost?

Your business is unique – so we provide custom proposals based on your budget and requirements. Oftentimes local search campaigns can run in the region of $500 to $5000. National campaigns have a much wider range but can even start as low as $500. The higher your budget the more work can be carried out, and the more results you’ll get.

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What’s Involved?

Learning About The Client / SEO Proposal

The all-important first step. Getting to know the client is crucial – it allows us to build the entire SEO package around each websites unique needs.

Site-Audit / Technical Assessment

The start of the heavy lifting. Our site audits are not just a superficial look, they are a deep-dive into every aspect of your website that effects your SEO. Most websites that we see have a surprising amount of technical errors that are damaging rankings. We run through a in-depth checklist that results in a forensic-level audit of your website.

Keyword Research

Keyword research is the basis of the ranking strategy. Importantly, it helps us quantify the search volume and level of competition for niche-relevant keywords. Keyword research highlights opportunities for long-term success. Targeting the right keywords is how we get a great ROI for clients.

Strategy Development

Once we’ve carried out a site-audit and deep-dived into keyword research, we’re in a great position to curate the perfect strategy. The strategy we put in place will dictate where we allocate out SEO efforts. Allocating our resources on the most valuable keywords is how we ensure a high return-on-investment. Our team are experts in increasing sales through increased search discoverability.

As we get further into your campaign, we will develop the strategy to include more keywords once we’ve secured initial rankings targets. This allows us to make the most effective use of your monthly cost.

On-Pages Fixes

The huge amount of information we gather in our site audits often highlights hundreds of issues that are affecting your search rankings. We address any technical issues, incumbent content issues, site structure, user-experience, site speed and a whole lot more.


Is content still the king of online marketing? Yes, unquestionably. The important of quality content is never to be overlooked. We have an house team of content writers with knowledge across nearly all niches. The writers at will create fantastic linkable content assets for your website. All content we create will involve plenty of keyword research to maximise results. Existing content on your website will also be improved.

Webpage and Title Copywriting

The copy that exists on your webpages is crucial. We will structure the content and alter it such that it will create the perfect page for the search engine. Furthermore, we often create new pages to target specific locations or products/services.

Monthly Detailed Reports

You’ll receive a report of the work our team has carried out on your website. The report may include technical improvements, page copy additions or alterations, content added, linked earned, and more. Along with this you’ll receive an organic search performance report. Every client has different goals and KPIs so every report is fully customised.