Have you ever wondered which search engines hold the most power in terms of market share?

It’s quite obvious that Google is the powerhouse website that most people use these days, but how does the rest of the market fair when it comes to reach?

The Percentage of Market Share Among Search Engines

As of November of 2015, I relied on the latest research published online, and today I’ll share my thoughts and nearly 15 years of trend watching on this topic.  I remember when I started working as a young search engine consultant, Yahoo! was all the rage.  Everyone wanted to be listed in Yahoo!, and fortunately, my mentors had a serious grip on how to rank websites in Yahoo! rather quickly.

These days, not many people will call up and ask “how do I get ranked in Yahoo!?”  However, that doesn’t mean you should ignore them as a search engine and not pay attention to how your website ranks in Yahoo!.  We all know that Google is the search giant at the moment, and the below graph shows it’s global presence in terms of percent of market share it owns.  (This information was gathered in November of 2015.  Further updates will follow as new data is released.)

search engine market share 2015


The above pie chart shows that Google.com owns almost 70% of global search marketing.  The next biggest competitor is Bing, which has 12.26% of the market share.  Yahoo! is close behind, with 9.19% of the market cornered.  The Chinese search engine of Baidu, which is little known on the Western Hemisphere, comes in at 6.48% and is then followed by AOL and Ask.com.  There is a very small percentage of “other” search engines, which people don’t even pay attention to in 2015, but it’s worth noting that places like HotBot, DogPile, WebCrawler, and SearchFeed, among others, do have some loyal followers who stuck with them throughout all these years.

The above pie chart is using a setting that calculates this using “all browsers.”  You can see  the results for yourself on this page.

US Based Search Engine Statistics

Keep in mind the above statistics are GLOBAL.  Now, I’ll break down the latest statistics according to an April update on Search Engine Land.  It’s the latest news release anywhere and they have a solid pulse on the current state of search marketing so that’s what I’m going off of here.

US Search Engine Statistics 2015

As you can see on the above chart, Microsoft is gaining (albeit slowly) on Google.  They took a tiny sliver of market share from Google in the month of March.  It’ll be interesting to follow trends and see what happens as time passes.  I’ll certainly keep my pulse on this and all other Internet Marketing Trends, so please join my newsletter on the right and get notified of any updates.

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