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Lawyer SEO

Internet Marketing for lawyers and law firms catapulted our agency onto the national scene.  We still rank legal websites and have many lawyers and attorneys dominating their local markets and earning new business with SEO.

Professional services is one area where we excel beyond even our own expectations. The legal field has become a very competitive space online, with firms small and large fighting for potential clients who are sifting through numerous results, looking for the best firm in their jurisdiction to help represent them in their legal battles.

These days, the majority of attorney practices are found after an extensive Internet search. Potential clients look for case results, credibility, and an area of expertise that fits their needs.

We guarantee all law firm SEO campaigns. Money back if we don’t deliver!

Are clients finding your practice?

Using a consultative approach, we get to know the background of your law firm. With an understanding of your areas of practice, we drill down a list of highly targeted search terms that people use to find YOU every single day on search engines like Google, Yahoo!, and Bing.

Example: ABC Law Firm practices law in Miami in the following areas:

  • Personal Injury
  • Medical Malpractice
  • Auto Accidents
  • Construction Accidents

Using advanced metrics and razor-sharp methods of finding the best words to target, we’ll generate a broad list of search terms that people use on a daily basis to find ABC Law Firm.

An example set of keywords for ABC Law Firm can look something like this:

  • Miami Personal Injury Lawyer
  • Miami Personal Injury Attorney
  • Hire attorney for personal injury miami
  • Hire lawyer for personal injury in miami
  • Best lawyer in Miami for personal injury

This is a small example of the sub-set of keywords we would aim to rank in search engines using “personal injury” as a core search term. The same keyword research would be done for “medical malpractice,” “auto accidents” and more. We’ll even generate keywords you never thought of that people use every day to hire lawyers by using the Internet.

Each search engine optimization campaign is unique and based on factors such as competition on the local level and keyword level. In 99% of the cases, smaller markets tend to be easier for us to rank and maintain a solid traffic flow due to the number of people competing for the term and the number of people searching.

For example, “Dubuque Iowa Divorce Lawyer” is an easier search term for our team to tackle than an uber-competitive term in another city, like “Los Angeles Divorce Lawyer.” For that reason, we’ll provide a full quote once we understand the areas of practice your firm wishes to acquire new business for and submit a proposal.

Are You Sick and Tired of Paying For Expensive Clicks on Google?

Many law firm terms, even in small regional cities and hubs, can cost north of $20 per click.  Even at several dollars per click, it’s a constant battle and a full time job managing paid advertising.  Our managed SEO for lawyers gives you the edge you need to get leads and expand your reach online.

Search engine optimization is not the only way we’ll help your online branding.

Following your lead, we publish press releases and content-rich publications on major news sites that highlight your firms successes and personal triumphs.

Don’t let your local and national competition get YOUR cases. Inquire today and find out how we help grow your practice leveraging the power of the Internet. People are already looking for you, there is a demand in place, you just have to be there to answer their call.

We invite you to read our testimonials to find a recent success story from a law firm using our search engine optimization package.

the BEST investment in my practice that I could have ever made.

Thank search engine rankings for his law firm certainly back up that statement!

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