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The primary goal of our search engine marketing agency is to offer affordable SEO services geared towards giving your company a positive return on your marketing investment.

For this reason, we offer cost effective seo services that cater to all business owners and marketing managers.

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Cost Effective SEO Service

You don’t need to break the bank on SEO services. We offer affordable solutions for all business sizes.

How Can We Offer Cheap SEO Services?

While clients range from one man service-oriented businesses to companies earning over $100 million online, the most satisfying part of the business model we offer is that we can offer solutions for all budgets.  Understanding a wide range of sectors allows us to aggregate knowledge that allows us to help large businesses grow their online marketing reach and more importantly, gives us an unfair advantage when we board small business SEO clients.  In short, we can help large businesses increase their ROI, so just imagine how we can help local business owners competing against much lesser competition!

The fact is, nothing is more satisfying than a testimonial from a small business owner telling us how we helped their business grow due to our online marketing efforts. 

Many people ask how we price our services and are able to help both small and large companies with their websites, and that is a very valid question.

First, we look at the competition.  

If a niche or business category is highly competitive, the cost of the SEO service will be higher.  This directly correlates to the amount of effort and resource we’ll have to use on our end.

As an example, let’s take the “mortgage” industry.

In specific, we’ll use the search phrase “mortgage brokers.”

That is one of the most difficult spaces online, hands down.

Why is this space so difficult?

For starters, it’s a national, or even global search term.  Without any City or State attached to that search string, there is a goal to appeal to “anyone” looking for mortgages.

If you were to break down the mortgage search keyword to “mortgage broker in Fort Lauderdale” then obviously the degree of difficulty becomes much less because we are adding a geographic element to the search term.

Why is the mortgage space so hard? 

Think about who is trying to earn those leads and gain that real estate online.

  • National Banks
  • Lending Tree and other similar websites

In short, very large companies, who have a massive budget coupled with a department of people like us are looking for these leads.

Can we rank sites like that?

Absolutely.  But, getting back on the topic of doing affordable SEO, it’s easy to say a campaign like that would be very expensive.

Affordable SEO Services

If you live in a smaller town and provide a local service, your competition SHOULD be much less than that of a big city.  It’s easy to deduce that ranking a search term like “New York City Lawyer” is much more difficult than ranking for example “Dubuque Lawyer.”  It’s just a matter of how many law firms are out there fighting for that real estate and how many resources and man hours we’ll have to put in to get traction on that first page.

If you are a business, small or large, located in Fort Lauderdale or elsewhere, you’ll find that our rates are very competitive.  Contact us today for a no obligation website analysis.

Our Added Bonus – Getting Free Website Traffic!

Not only will we show you an ROI on the campaigns you hire us for, but we’ll also show you secret tricks you can incorporate into your social media and offline marketing campaigns to get free website traffic that will amplify our expert search engine optimization efforts!

There are many “little things” you can do to create more traffic and revenues for your business.  Contact us today