Professional-Grade Blogger Outreach Services by SEO Expert.

With our link building services, you get access to the exact same type of link building that we use on client campaigns. Blogger outreach is a staple of off-page SEO for agencies across the world – because they work! Good links are link nitrous when it comes to improving your rankings. Building links to your website will give you real authority and ranking power.

SEO Expert is a specialist SEO agency – so we know a thing or two about link-building. Our blogger outreach services are used by other SEO and digital marketing agencies, DIY SEOs, in-house SEO staff and affiliate SEO entrepreneurs. Getting links is probably the hardest part of increasing your rankings – but it’s very necessary. This service allows you to outsource the hard work to the pros (at a great price too!). These are real links on real sites!

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How Much Does Our Blogger Outreach Cost?

Blogger Outreach



DA20 Blogger Outreach



DA30 Blogger Outreach



DA40 Blogger Outreach



DA50 Blogger Outreach



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Every order includes:

Professional Bespoke Content

Every order comes with content that is written bespoke for you. The writers are based in the USA and UK and are talented at writing great blog posts.

Choose Your Own Anchor Text

With each link you buy you can choose the anchor text you’d like. Anchor text selection is important so we keep you in control.

White Label Report

In our white-label report, you’ll receive the details of the link we’ve created for you. All you have to do then is add your own branding and then send it to your (impressed) client.

Why Choose Search Engine Optimisation Expert For Blogger Outreach?

I’ve been working on advanced link building techniques for nearly a decade. My team at SEO Expert consists of talented outreach staff along with our great content writers. This allows us to consistently secure links on blogs by connecting with the real bloggers that run the sites.

To ensure we don’t end up creating duplicate links to your website, we cross reference Ahrefs and Moz data. This way we avoid creating links from sites that you may already have.

If you’re in the market for powerful and natural off-page SEO services, then blogger outreach is an incredibly effective weapon of choice.  The links will build credible authority to your clients (or your own) website, which over time can transform your rankings.

Our Process


The outreach team will search for blogs that are appropriate and fit our criteria and that are relevant to your niche. With years of experience and great relationships we have access to an unbeatable range of blogs. As part of our prospecting process we only select sites that we’d use for our own clients.


Outreach is a lengthy process. Getting in touch with the people behind the blogs is never easy. Once we contact them, we’ll pitch them ideas for content. This process is probably the most challenging for most, but at SEO Expert we’ve got the patience and persistence needed.

Bespoke Content

Our team of writers work on blogger outreach campaigns all-day everyday. We have professional writers that specialise in all kinds of niches. The content written is designed to naturally contain the anchor text for your link. The content is 100% unique for every link placed.


We’ll deliver the link to you. You’ll be given the exact URL of the blog post that you link is contained within. Our reports are white-label (unbranded), so you can deliver the links to your own clients is you are an SEO consultant or agency.
Frequently Asked Questions
What is DA? And why we use it.

DA is Domain Authority. DA is a metric from Moz, which scores a website (1to 100) based on the strength of it’s backlink profile. Websites that have a large amount of high-quality links will usually have a higher DA score. A site with a high DA score is generally viewed as more authoritative and can pass more ‘link juice’ to your site. Our DA30 and DA40 blogger outreach provide very powerful links. (We now have DA50+ available)

We use Moz metrics because it’s long-established, well-respected, and understood by many (even non-SEOs).

(Important) What niches do we not work with?

We do not work with websites in the following niches:

  • Gambling
  • Pharma
  • Adult
  • Payday loans
  • Anything illegal / unethical / offensive.

If you are unsure please contact us.

What is anchor text?

Anchor text is the the text that makes up the hyperlink. It’s very important to not over-optimise your anchor text. If you are a non-SEO, please consult us for advice.

Is blogger outreach a safe SEO method?

Absolutely. Blogger outreach creates backlinks that are very natural. The link occurs within a contextual post on a real blog. The content is non-promotional and 100% unique are well-written.

Is blogger outreach the same as guest posting?

Blogger outreach secures a link to your website within content on a blog. With traditional guest posting, the link usually occurs within the authorship box at the bottom of the post. Therefore, blogger outreach offers a much more natural location for your link (within contextual content).